T-Mobile Papo

  • Grumpy Customer Service Representative, Papo
“Papo” is a customer service employee of a telephone company that “fixes everything with tape” and looks for “absurd solutions” for those who call him.

His mission, which served as a starting point for the company T-Mobile Puerto Rico, lies in highlighting the “failures” of other cell phone brands. Since December, the Puerto Rican actor Luis Guzmán became “Papo”, a jocular protagonist of this campaign that recently showed a new commercial.

The team change program Jump! On Demand, unlimited video streaming without consuming data and family plans were the three main services that the company presented through its TV commercial guidelines.

Recorded during a day in California, the series of commercials featured a portrait of the main consumer complaints of other cell phone companies.

“The customer service calls that you saw in the commercial reflect the complaints we receive in the focus groups we do. The ads show what happens to people with customer service as the framework of the campaign, “explained Gerardo Vázquez, creative director of Y & R, an agency that conceptualized the campaign.

The humorous announcement had the direction of the Puerto Rican filmmaker Carlitos Ruiz and the production of ¡Calma! Films, audio recording and mixing was made by Frey Fernández de Axis Studios and the edition oversaw Arnaldo López de Y & R.

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