The Vending Machine

  • "Sweet, huh?" written in vending machine font.
The fastest way to send a message to candy consumers was by reprogramming a vending machine. Yes, we did!

Each time someone purchased a candy bar, the machine automatically dished out a free sample of Colgate’s toothpaste.

This is how we created an unexpected and a relevant experiential program through vending machines that delivered candy as well as a free sample of Colgate’s toothpaste product.

Basically, we placed sample-sized packages of Colgate toothpaste in vending machines that sell different types of candy bars at colleges campuses. When customers bought their favorite candy, they also received our product and the LED display flashed the message: “Don’t forget to brush.”

It was a way of giving the consumers permission to indulge on what they like, while providing them with the best protection from unwanted consequences.

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