FIBA Basketball World Cup China 2019 — Visual ID & Campaign

Animated dragons

VISUAL ID & CAMPANHAFIBA Basketball World Cup China 2019

The Chinese culture provides an infinite spectrum of references for anyone trying to set a story around it. For the World Cup visual ID we created the story of 2 dragons competing through the qualifiers stage for victory, evolving with each game until they reach their fullness during the final stage of the tournament, in 2019. It is a flexible and modular visual identity in which the elegance and dynamism of the sport is represented by the fluid movement of the dragons.

  • Billboard
  • Vertical billboard
  • Basketball with branding
  • Street banners
  • Magazine

Within the project, we also developed a campaign based on the theme “This is my House”. We worked on all visuals, from digital & social media to print.

  • Magazine
  • Website layout
FIBA logo