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Animated kids playing football


When a child discovers football, they also find mentors, they find role models and they find heroes. If children look up to us, then it’s up to us.

FIFA created a Child Safeguarding Programme for its Member Associations and asked us to help develop an engaging brand, able to provoke a sense of responsibility and make child safeguarding an imperative mission.

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  • Fifa Guardians logo

We turned the Programme into a role: Guardians, and the Toolkit into a call to action: Up to Us.

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  • Fifa Guardians Toolkit

The Toolkit includes 5 key steps, based on 5 principles. We created special illustrations for each of these principles, depicting the role Member Associations must play in Child safeguarding.

The Toolkit was developed as an interactive digital experience to engage Member Associations representatives.

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  • Fifa Guardians Steps
  • Fifa Guardians steps
Animated kids playing football

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