.pt — Branding

Animated woman on her computer

.pt new identity represents what Portugal is today: a new and greater place to which everyone can belong and be proud of, where you can find opportunities beyond physical borders. So . pt will no longer be just the end of our domains, but the starting point to promote what Portugal does best.

It’s a direct and vibrant brand, both in visual and discourse, tailored for the digital space.

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  • .pt logo
  • graphics of people working on computers
  • branding elements
  • envelope branding


Based on the main goal of the brand, to promote what Portugal does best, the homepage has a curatorship role, through apartnership established with several cultural entities.

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  • website layout
  • website graphics
  • website graphics


An original typography was designed inspired on the logo. It’s one of the most important tools for the brand.

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  • typeface
Graphic footer

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