Happy Cows

The island of Happy Cows

In the middle of the ocean there is an island of happy cows. This was the start of a memorable multi-platform campaign that launched the first pasture milk, made with milk of cows that live free and eat fresh grass 365 days of the year. It was a revolution for the Terra Nostra brand that not only completely changed their industrial structure, they also renovated and refocused their entire image.

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The winning recipe

Music, happy cows and the Azorean landscape were the winning recipe for a campaign that won several Creative Club of Portugal trophies and was crowned with a Grand Prix in the Portuguese Effies in 2017. Beyond that, the digital extension of the campaign featured several documentaries with some of the producers of the Happy Cows program.

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The program was born out of our incessant will to create value, bring something new and do Good (...) To have a pure milk, delicious, and that comes from happy cows that graze outdoors and eat fresh grass 365 days a year.
Paula Amaral, Marketing Manager
The Launch

On the day of the launch, Terra Nostra made a special activation to thank the community of Ribeira Grande, where their factory is located. The first packs of milk produced were delivered to over 10.000 inhabitants with the help of over 200 mailmen of CTT.

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