Melga Shop

The problem

Our client Paladin was asked to be present at the Revenge of the 90s parties. The challenge was to be relevant and meaningful in the midst of a crowded venue. There was only one way to do it: be part of the show. For a brand as irreverent as Paladin, this wasn't difficult.

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The solution

We brought back 2 of the most memorable humor figures of Portuguese TV in the 90s: Mike and Melga. And the Melga Shop Paladin was born. A series of sketches created purposefully for the Revenge of the 90s tour and digital channels alike.

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The way the brand found to connect with the shows was through advertising. Yes, raw and unadulterated advertising.
But a reseasoned advertising, in a format of the 90s - the home shopping channel.
Sílvia Costa, Brand Director
  • Paladin Melga Shop 01
  • Paladin Melga Shop 02
  • Paladin Melga Shop 03
The result

We didn't just Brough back Herman José and José Pedro Gomes, as well as all the aesthetic of the 90s shopping channel. From the 4:3 format, the animated graphics and the dubious techniques to make a sale. The campaign was a success in and outside the event, generating over 1 million views.

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