UEFA Nations League

The challenge

The challenge we faced was to design an identity that could mirror a tournament where, for the first time in the history of UEFA competitions, every one of the 55 associated nations participating can aspire to rise among the best.

We presented a system of modules based on geometrical figures that illustrate promotion (upward triangle), draw (circle) and relegation (downward triangle), and when combined with a representative midfield analogy (as in a football stadium) form a pattern where the 55 nations are chromatically represented.

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  • UEFA Nations League 01
  • UEFA Nations League 02
  • UEFA Nations League 03
The symbol

The symbol chosen for this logo was the Nations Flag, which depicts the struggle and path each team will take on their way to the Final. The motto – Every Game Counts – emphasizes this spirit and the importance of each moment leading up to the final matches.

There was also the aim of making, for the first time in UEFA’s history, an eminently digital, modern but above all dynamic brand.

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  • UEFA Nations League Trophy
The trophy

With 7,5 kilos in weight and 72 centimetres of height, made entirely in sterling silver, the trophy is inspired in the competition's logo, a flag, representing the 55 national federations that are part of UEFA.

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It's a nation's greatest pride, hoisting their flag. And when we see this trophy being races, we're seeing the flag of every nation rising above, as the highlight of this tournament.
Hélder Pombinho, Creative Director
  • UEFA Nations League Trophy 01
  • UEFA Nations League Trophy 02
  • UEFA Nations League Trophy 03