The War in Pajamas

Far but together

The War in Pajamas was filmed while Portugal goes through the quarantine caused by COVID-19. Filmed remotely and produced by a team dependant on drones and real families filming themselves on their cellphones. The script, the concept, the production, casting, recordings and post production were all made remotely, with no element of the team being together with the rest.

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  • Limiano Guerra em Pijamas 01
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In our pyjamas but fighting

In the initial outbreak of the pandemic a lot of references were made to a war. By the government and the media. A war to be made on our sofas. In hour homes and balconies. With no uniforms but in our pyjamas.

Families answered the call and the hashtags. And they stayed home. For all of us. But above else, for all those on the front line wearing a uniform. This campaign invited all families, from the North to the South of Portugal to be "war correspondents". In a war to be fought with slippers on.

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