Caltex launches regional brand campaign, partners National Geographic for content

Chevron, parent company of Caltex, has partnered with National Geographic (FOX Networks Group) and Guinness World Records to launch a marquee regional brand campaign titled “Caltex: World Record-Breaking Fuel”. The integrated branded and content campaign was conceptualised and executed by VMLY&R Singapore and Wavemaker Singapore.

According to Chevron, the partnership with Guinness World Records and National Geographic has increased the credibility and superiority of Caltex with Techron fuel which “breaks records”.

Caltex’s Guinness World Records feat was documented by National Geographic through a branded content series titled “Record Rides”. The series was distributed across six key markets in the FOX network and amplified via the offline and online platforms of each market. A pre-launch phase, followed by a synchronised launch across all markets to break the announcement, was done to increase anticipation for the record. The campaign will continue to air to sustain buzz and momentum around the feat.


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The campaign’s first move was setting the Guinness World Records  for “Fastest Ascent up Doi Chang Mountain Road by Car” in Chiang Rai, Thailand. The record was set under stringent rules and regulations by official Guinness World Records adjudication. In addition, the ascent was accomplished in a 28 year old ordinary car driven by professional female race driver Natasha Chang with the aim of showcasing the true power of Caltex with Techron.

Brian Fisher, Caltex’s brand manager said it is becoming increasingly difficult to capture attention and highlight the benefits of using Caltex fuels with the unbeatable cleaning power of Techron to the motorists. “The use of technology, stunning visuals, and informative videos opened up a new dimension that allowed us to communicate our message to the motorists effectively,” he added.

Tripti Lochan, co-CEO of VMLY&R Asia said through a collaboration utilising media, influencers and accreditation Caltex had the opportunity to connect with consumers in a “fun, empowering and imaginative” way, driving home the idea that Caltex can transform an ordinary car into an extraordinary ride.

Rose Huskey, CEO of Wavemaker in Southeast Asia said “From tongue-in-cheek films, witty puns, hopping onto the bandwagon of hypes quickly with clever twists, to more ‘serious’ branded vignettes and a holistic branding solution like this one.. we are constantly stepping up our game in ensuring that our offerings are not just limited to media. Now we can say that for the record, we have broken a record!”

Vineet Puri, territory head of FOX Networks Group Asia for Singapore and Malaysia said that National Geographic seeks to inspire viewers through exploration, adventure and pushing boundaries.

“Working on Record Rides and the ground-breaking campaign together with Caltex, Wavemaker and VMLY&R, we are pleased to be challenging perceptions on how large-scale integrated branded content can work effectively in the modern media landscape, while still entertaining our audience,” he added.

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