Alicia Choo

Alicia has always been fascinated with technology. A result of this is that she is constantly looking out for ways in which technology can improve the society that she lives in.

The initial part of her career was on the infrastructure stack focusing on enabling enterprise wide ITSM solutions. In 2014, she saw the potential of the digital stack and took the leap. Her aim now is helping organizations transform their business into digital enterprises by means of rethinking their business models and adopting the right set of digital technologies.

She has a proven track record of delivering solutions that DELIGHT and routinely demand a high level of quality on time and on budget. This has led to her posting in Sydney and Tokyo. Many of these projects required leading and influencing a matrix organization spanning multiple countries.

As a way of giving back to the ITSM community, she started an ITSM blog in 2012, Choofca's Brain Dump, that generated approximately 600 views monthly the first 4 years in publication.

She balances work with fun through off the beaten track adventures and endurance sports. Some of her intrepid travels led to two round the world(RTW) sabbaticals. These journeys have formed much of her worldview about the importance of celebrating the strength diversity brings.

  • Alicia
Lead, Marketing Technology