Donald Lim

Donald Lim is VMLY&R Asia’s Regional Head, Customer Experience. He leads a best-in-class regional team of product managers, analytics consultants and experience designers while establishing global frameworks for Experiences & Technology delivery. 

Donald started as an analytics professional in Silicon Valley back when it was known as Urchin and Omniture, until he dived into Experience Design. He is a strong advocate for both Evidence-Based Design and Emotional Design and has incorporated these frameworks in several global design agencies to deliver real business outcome for brands. He works with clients across all verticals, including Ford, MetLife, Caltex, Hilton, Cathay Pacific, Nike, Electrolux, Sony, HSBC, Singtel and Temasek. 

Donald is also a horticulturist with a black thumb, and an experimental chef. For what he lacks in natural talent, he fulfils in hard work. He has built an automatic contraption so he can grow exotic herbs to use in his next farm-to-table dish. 

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Regional Head, Customer Experience