Jorge Thauby

In the last 20 years, Jorge has had the privilege of working with incredibly talented teams and companies who have profoundly influenced the creative he is today. 

His experience of work and life has been rooted in three extremely different countries: Chile, Dubai and Singapore. 

Each location has taught him something. Chile: that everything is possible even if you don’t have all the resources; Dubai: go big, but make sure you’re the first and the best; and Singapore: that every part of the process is quintessential, and attention to detail is vital.

He believes there are four simple, non-negotiable factors to good ideas: 

  1. Your team is what makes you strong. 
  2. Be sure that it is not only sexy, but relevant to your audience. 
  3. Dedicate as much time you can afford to finessing your idea, down to how it is executed. 
  4. It must drive conversion.
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  • Jorge Thauby
Executive Creative Director, Creative