Power EVery Move

We’re charging toward a more sustainable land transport future!

In support of Singapore’s vision to achieve a cleaner, greener, car-lite nation, we partnered Land Transport Authority (LTA) and launched a nationwide campaign to accelerate the adoption of cleaner energy vehicles.

Our task was to raise public awareness, educate and change mindsets that Electric Vehicles are a viable, sustainable mode of transport.

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To amplify this, our campaign video spotlights how technology and innovation played a transformative role in Singapore’s past and will continue to do so in the not-too-distant future. It features different modes of Electric Vehicle transport, each magnifying the environmental or user benefit that will shape and transform our nation from a little red dot to — you guessed it — a little green dot!

"Power EVery Move," the campaign’s tagline, calls everyone to participate and embrace a cleaner, greener land transport future.

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