Seriously Good Mayo


Due to the pandemic, Kraft Heinz saw a change in consumer behaviour. Consumers are seeking out quick-meal options like takeaway, delivery and home cooking instead of dining in, but this doesn’t mean they that they’ve given up on taste and quality. As Heinz [Seriously Good] Mayo is a relatively new entrant in the market, we saw this as an opportunity to create some noise to drive awareness.

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VMLY&R created an activation campaign where Kraft Heinz partnered with the best burger joint in Manila– Sweet Ecstasy Burger– in creating an exclusive burger with Heinz [Seriously Good] Mayo as its secret ingredient. Customers could only get their hands on this delicious masterpiece by liking and commenting on the Irresistible Posts on social medial on a first come, first delivered basis. The campaign included a 9-day social content countdown, KOL-led content that includes an exclusive livestream with Sweet Ecstasy and popular Filipino-American actress, Megan Young, to give us some interesting behind-the-scenes sneaks for the launch, along with post campaign recap videos with paid media push.

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At the pre-launch stage, Kraft Heinz was successful in capturing the attention of our audience.. We were able to reach 2,797,587 unique individuals on Facebook, which exceeded our target by 4 times. We were also able to garner a 5 times more video views than expected, indicating high audience interest in the video.

By engaging KOLs, we were able to leverage on their follower base, generating an overall 62k impressions, 37.9k audience reached, 6.5k engagements and 13.3k video views.

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