Red Light

Vodafone has launched “Red Light” application; which disguised as a flashlight app, allowed women to call for help during domestic violence just by shaking their smartphones. The objective of the brief was to continue creating awareness among women who are exposed to violence and informing them about Red Light Application to download it. However, after a year the app started to became known amongst men. So, we had to change our misdirection. We changed the name and icon of “Red Light” app. And in order to avoid men to be exposed to the new communications, we once again built our strategy on hiding our messages in places and videos where only women would look.

We prepared women specific video and embedded the app information in it. 

At the beginning of the video, we see a woman (actress pretending to be famous blogger) giving a video tutorial about a fairly feminine topic – e.g. applying nail art. 

But in the middle of the video the woman starts talking about this app and explains how the app works – secretly. After the secret introduction, she returns to her tutorial.

Furthermore we developed special content that only women can reach on IVR system, which the application info was given just to women with Vodafone’s voice signature system.

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