Activia. No Added Sugar

  • Activia no added sugar campaign

Context and Objectives

The modern world dictates the new rules. The healthy trends met the COVID -19 reality and made people think more than ever about their health.

Relying on this insight Activia launches the new product – drinkable yoghurt without added sugar. So, we had to drive awareness of new Activia

At the same time Activia TA is getting older. The young audience doesn't consider Activia to be a trendsetter. So, we had to drive penetration of Activia within young TA with new NO SUGAR product and had to find the solution how attract younger audience not being a trendsetter for them.

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  • We represented new brand ambassador – YuliaSanina in order to fill brand with a new energy vibe and communicate brand essence to a wider audience.
  • Yulia has a very true image at the stage and in life. So, we combined Yulia’s image with the product benefits saying: No filters, no decoration, no sugar is needed to be true and support one’s health.
  • Message: The freedom to be true starts inside
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