Prostokvashino Bedtime Kefir

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LEARN HOW TO GROW the DECLINING, merely functional and traditional old-style category, where a consumer knows what exactly they want and why they need it, where adding new flavors doesn't work.

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65%  of kefir is consumed in late evening — this is the only part of the day when a woman has time to take care of herself, and not feel guilty in the morning for eating too much at night.

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Own bedtime ritual — for better sleep after a hectic busy day.

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  • We managed to win back the market share and go from number 3 to number 2 in Kefir category

  • BEDTIME KEFIR sells twice better than it was planned;

  • +3% to the sales of all Prostokvashino kefirs against the dropping kefir market by -4%.

  • Effie 2020 silver award in food category

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