Bringing Home the Gold

Effie Awards logo

The US Effie Awards were announced Sept. 29-30. VMLY&R and VMLY&R COMMERCE had fantastic results, bringing home a pair of each level of award, in addition to 13 finalists. Winners included:

  • “Bringing the U.S. together for our future” by VMLY&R Washington, DC for the U.S. Census Bureau — Gold in the Government & Public Service category
  • “#BestDressedCookies” by VMLY&R New York for Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies — Gold in the Social Media - Products category
  • “Super Wendy’s World” by VMLY&R Kansas City for Wendy’s — Silver in the Brand Experience - Live + Digital category
  • “Deliciously Dark Escape” by VMLY&R COMMERCE for Trolli — Silver in the Brand Experience category
  • “Mach Drop: Selling Vehicles Like Sneakers” by VMLY&R for Ford Motor Company — Bronze in the E-commerce category
  • “General Mills Holiday Portfolio: Make It Home” by VMLY&R COMMERCE for Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Chex — Bronze in the Omni-channel Shopper Solution category
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