Celebrating Female Leadership

Tosha Turner

Tosha Turner, group client finance director at VMLY&R Atlanta, has been named a finalist at the Advertising Week New York Future is Female Awards. Click here to read the announcement and learn about all of the other finalists.


In the Atlanta office of VMLY&R, an advertising and marketing agency, Tosha Turner volunteers time away from her demanding role as senior client finance director to lead, promote and highlight activities and events that support Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I). The information she shares helps educate the nearly 60 employees of VMLY&R’s Atlanta office about the importance of DE&I. 

A champion of diversity, Tosha sponsors and advocates for Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) across different departments and disciplines. Tosha takes the initiative to connect junior, mid-level and senior level BIPOC talent in the agency, which has encouraged personal and professional growth. She supports professional networks that contribute to highlighting talent from underrepresented communities. 

Tosha also commits time to DE&I efforts outside of VMLY&R by researching opportunities for the Atlanta team to be involved in community programs. She mentors junior talent entering the industry and promotes advocacy among peers. 

Further, Tosha contributes to the overall DE&I strategy for the VMLY&R’s U.S. operations, which includes more than 1,400 employees. 

To learn more about DE&I efforts and initiatives at VMLY&R, visit vmlyr.com/dei.


Tosha leads and champions local activities and events such as heritage celebrations, awareness programs and “safe conversations” events that support Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) in the Atlanta office. 

She is well-respected among her fellow Fearless Champions (VMLY&R’s title for DE&I leadership) as a leader who is always willing to jump in and take on a new project with a focus on supporting the community. The DE&I leadership team knows she is someone they can depend when it comes to propelling local activations.  

Tosha is an active participant in all initiatives and committed to being an ongoing change agent. Most recently, during Just Ad Flava, a VMLY&R conference amplifying Black voices during Black History Month, Tosha sat on a HBCU panel titled “Illustrious Institutions: Beyond the Education.”


Tosha is actively involved in youth athletics as a coach and mentor to young people from a variety of backgrounds, socioeconomic circumstances, race and religion. She’s provided outstanding personal support and practical athletic coaching expertise to her teams, resulting in success both on the court and track as well as in the classroom and in life. 

As a Black female professional, she is a mentor to others by helping them work through challenges and obstacles while reinforcing their own unique worth and value without compromise or sacrifice. 

Tosha also serves as a visible leader and voice in her community and is a consistent source of perspective and accountability among her peers, colleagues and associates. 


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