SXSW PanelPicker 2020 - Time to Vote!

It’s that time of the year again! The interactive, film and music industries come together once again for the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference & Festivals to celebrate all things creativity. 

Help shape the 2020 SXSW Conference by voting on proposals during Community Voting from August 5-23, 2019. 

This year we’ve got an exciting lineup of proposed speakers from VMLY&R – check out the panels below and be sure to vote!

Made in America: Does it Even Matter Anymore

Speaker: Michael Sussman, CEO BAV Group, VMLY&R

Description: When beloved American heritage brands like Levi’s, Apple, Chevrolet, and American Girl dolls are all made overseas, we ask: “Does it really matter where it’s made anymore?” The resurgence of awareness and support for American-made goods has never been stronger. Yet in a fluid, global economy with brand accessibility at the click of a keyboard, do consumers really care about the true origin of a brand? BAV Group® & US NEWS & World Report’s Best Countries Report reveals surprising insights and applications to brands and businesses today.

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Brand Flexibility: The Future of Business Growth

Speaker: Zach Leffers, Senior Brand Planner, VMLY&R

Description: We know more today about how people make memories and create & share meanings — the building blocks of brands in consumers’ minds — than ever before. Yet our approach to brand-making has remained largely unchanged for the last fifty years. What we think we know — consistent, steady brand-building — is flawed. It’s time for an update.

This session combines research in cultural sociology, social psychology, and neuroscience to reveal the flexible, growth-oriented approach to brand-making that’s hiding in plain sight. When we understand brands from consumers' perspectives, we can understand the rules they let us as marketers play by - rules that are less rigid and less restrictive than we have assumed.

The goal? To unlock your brand's potential as a flexible tool for business growth.

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How Brands Can Waste Money on Sports Sponsorships

Speaker: Anne Rivers, Managing Director, BAV Group, VMLY&R

Description: Marketers pour hundreds of millions of dollars into sports sponsorship. Understanding how consumers respond to different sponsorship levels as part of a broader advertising and marketing program for a brand is an important component to developing guidelines and norms for optimal marketing communications planning and budgeting. Our study used the comprehensive BAV data base and publicly available advertising data among the top 200 national brands across nine diverse product categories to examine how sponsorship of Major League Baseball (MLB) by different types of brands and different levels of expenditures on advertising and sponsorship were related to consumer brand perceptions and brand equity.

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Sh*t No One Talks About: Mid-Career Truths Meet Up

Speakers: Laura Jones, Executive Strategy Director, BAV Group, VMLY&R and Clara Luo, Chief of Staff, BAV Group, VMLY&R

Description: The middle of your career doesn’t have to be a messy place. If you’re too senior to be invited to lunch with the interns, but not yet in the C-Suite, come join us to celebrate, commiserate, and raise consciousness about what it’s like in those ‘in-between years.’ We’ll gather as an inspiring, inclusive community and offer each other practical advice and guidance as we create connections and have some fun.

To kick it off, Laura and Clara will share the top ten tricks, tips, and truths from their research to encourage conversation and build this community. Let’s make the middle a movement!

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