Myron King

Aug. 10, 2020

Myron King, chief integration officer for North America, spoke at “Defining the New Normal,” a virtual conference hosted by the Marketing Ethnic Faculty Association (MEFA). Myron’s session, “Wipeout: Riding the Wave of Wokeness,” dove into an assessment of brand reactions and industry responses to racial injustice and social unrest. 

Myron explored public expectations of brands in and what research suggests differentiates performative allyship from being 'Bout it'. 

Accompanied by facts regarding the scarcity of BIPOC representation across the advertising industry, Myron emphasized the importance of knowing BIPOC audiences and talent pools with more depth and nuance before marketing to or speaking on behalf of them.

MEFA is a professional membership organization that services and supports the diverse needs of marketing academics and researchers of color.

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