VMLY&R Creatives Heading to LIA’s Creative LIAisons

London International Awards (LIA) is a global festival honoring creativity and new ideas in Advertising, Production, Digital, Design, Health & Medical, Music & Sound, Technology and Branded Entertainment. It was the first truly international advertising awards of its kind to acknowledge all media and methods from all over the world to be judged by a diverse global jury.

Each year, LIA also hosts Creative LIAisons a program for creatives only. A select group of rising creatives from around the world spend five days meeting top talent from advertising, design, digital, health, production and technology. The competitive program selects only 120 creatives to take part. This year, representatives from 25 countries will travel to Las Vegas to participate in Creative LIAisons. Among the group will be four VMLY&R creatives from Buenos Aires, Kansas City and New York.

VMLY&R’s participating creatives are looking forward to making the trip this October. Lidia Bartroli Mercader, Senior Copywriter with Dhelet VMLY&R said, “LIA is one of the most important festivals in our world…and it is always good to know and be aware of the winning spots, what gets registered and see ideas from all around the world. As for the LIAisons program, I knew that it was a great opportunity for the new generations of creatives, but I didn't expect to get there. It will be great.” 

“I expect to meet people who are passionate about creativity and communication...I hope to find inspiration and new points of views,” said Alejandro Arguiz, Senior Copywriter, Dhelet VMLY&R.

VMLY&R Kansas City Copywriter Sydnie Felton looks to share her learnings from the experience with her colleagues. “I would like to meet awesome, inspiring people, see work that makes me so jealous I come back ready to kick major creative butt, get over my crippling fear of talking to strangers, and most importantly, do tons of stuff that makes my entire team back in Kansas City really, really, jealous.”

Caleb Newberg, VMLY&R New York Art Director and Designer hopes participating in the program will bring a new perspective and sense of adventure. “I’d like to come out of the program feeling refreshed about the industry and the kind of dedication and passion it takes to make unparalleled creative work. And to be pushed outside my comfort zone!”

Creative LIAisons takes place during LIA judging. Our creatives will have the unique opportunity to be in the jury rooms to observe the process firsthand. The experience is intended to give junior creatives opportunities and access to expertise, insight, new professional relationships and networking opportunities.

London International Awards fully funds the Creative LIAisons as a way to give back to the creative community.

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