Driven by What Unites Us

We’re multinational, multicultural, multitalented individuals, each with a unique perspective. Through this diversity, we help build connected brands and customer experiences that communicate in an authentic, honest, and inclusive way. We came to VMLY&R to leave our mark on the world, and we stay because we’ve found a place where we don’t have to do it alone.

US Leadership
  • Jon Cook

    Jon Cook

    Business Title
    Global Chief Executive Officer
  • Portrait of Eric Campbell.

    Eric Campbell

    Business Title
    Global President
  • Aimee Pagano

    Aimee Pagano

    Business Title
    Global Head of Talent Acquisition
  • Amy Winger

    Amy Winger

    Business Title
    Global Client Lead, Intel
  • Portrait of Amy Worley.

    Amy Worley

    Business Title
    Global Chief Connections Officer
  • Andrea Grodberg

    Andrea Grodberg

    Business Title
    Global Chief Strategy Officer
  • Beau Smith

    Beau Smith

    Business Title
    WPP | Ford Regional Client Lead, US and Chief Business Officer, VMLY&R
  • Beth Ann Kaminkow Headshot.

    Beth Ann Kaminkow

    Business Title
    CEO, VMLY&R Commerce and CEO, VMLY&R New York
  • Portrait of Beth Wade.

    Beth Wade

    Business Title
    Global Chief Marketing Officer
  • Brian Yamada

    Brian Yamada

    Business Title
    Chief Innovation Officer
  • Chris Edmondson

    Chris Edmondson

    Business Title
    Executive Director, VMLY&R Atlanta
  • Chris Furse

    Chris Furse

    Business Title
    Chief Client Officer, New York
  • Chuck Searle

    Chuck Searle

    Business Title
    Global Chief Client Officer
  • Craig Braasch

    Craig Braasch

    Business Title
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Danielle Honrath

    Danielle Honrath

    Business Title
    Executive Director, VMLY&R New York
  • David Mitchell

    David Mitchell

    Business Title
    Chief Technology Officer
  • David Shulman photo

    David Shulman

    Business Title
    Chief Experience Officer
  • Portrait of Debbi Vandeven.

    Debbi Vandeven

    Business Title
    Global Chief Creative Officer
  • Eric Baumgartner photo

    Eric Baumgartner

    Business Title
    Chief Executive Officer, Seattle
  • Eric Looney

    Eric Looney

    Business Title
    Chief Experience Design Officer
  • Heather Physioc

    Heather Physioc

    Business Title
    Chief Discoverability Officer
  • Ian Davidson

    Ian Davidson

    Business Title
    Chief Strategy Officer, North America
  • Portrait of JJ Schmuckler.

    JJ Schmuckler

    Business Title
    Global Chief Growth Officer
  • Jason Xenopoulos

    Jason Xenopoulos

    Business Title
    Chief Creative Officer, North America and Global Chief Creative Officer, WPP Team Ford
  • Portrait of Jeff Geheb.

    Jeff Geheb

    Business Title
    Global Chief Experience Officer
  • Jen DaSilva

    Jen DaSilva

    Business Title
    Executive Director, VMLY&R West
  • Jennifer McDonald

    Jennifer McDonald

    Business Title
    Chief Client Officer, North America
  • Jim Bellinghausen

    Jim Bellinghausen

    Business Title
    Chief Financial Officer, North America
  • John Godsey

    John Godsey

    Business Title
    Chief Creative Officer, North America
  • John Mulvihill

    John Mulvihill

    Business Title
    Chief of Staff
  • Kaleeta McDade

    Kaleeta McDade

    Business Title
    Chief Experience Design Officer, North America
  • Laura Jones

    Laura Jones

    Business Title
    Chief Strategy Officer, BAV Group
  • Lisa Bridgers

    Lisa Bridgers

    Business Title
    Chief People Officer, North America
  • Madeline Larsen

    Madeline Larsen

    Business Title
    Executive Director, Chicago
  • Myron King

    Myron King

    Business Title
    Chief Integration Officer, North America
  • Renee Lavecchia

    Renée Lavecchia

    Business Title
    Executive Director, Miami
  • Ronnie Felder

    Ronnie Felder

    Business Title
    Global Chief People Officer
  • Shali Wade

    Shali Wade

    Business Title
    Executive Director, Office of Global CEO
  • Stephanie DeCelles

    Stephanie DeCelles

    Business Title
    Executive Director, Kansas City
  • Suba Nadarajah

    Subashini Nadarajah

    Business Title
    Global Executive Director of Equity, Inclusion & Belonging [experience + community + clients]
  • Photo of Tasha Gilroy

    Tasha Gilroy

    Business Title
    Global Chief Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Officer
  • Tim Reisen

    Tim Reisen

    Business Title
    Global Business Lead
  • Tyler Murray

    Tyler Murray

    Business Title
    Chief Executive Officer, US, VMLY&R Commerce
  • Wayne Best

    Wayne Best

    Business Title
    Chief Creative Officer, New York
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