100-lb. Coupon

Endurance athletes are a niche audience group who demand authenticity from brands. So, to introduce Second Skin to our target in a memorable way, we needed an activation that would fit into their lifestyle.

  • The Award Board for the campaign reading ‘100 LB Coupon Second Skin making athletes sweat for their discounts’ with the idea, how it worked, and results detailed.
The idea

Endurance athletes live for an extreme challenge. Second Skin, the newest maker of athletic wear, needed to get these athletes' attention. So we went to the extreme and made...a coupon. Forged from steel and weighing 100 pounds (45 kilograms), each coupon was redeemable in-store only. We hid them at athletic competitions and had key social influencers share the GPS coordinates. But the hardest part wasn't finding them – it was redeeming them. Because winners had to carry their 100-lb. coupon to a DICK's Sporting Goods to cash it in.

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In total, we deployed 20 100-lb. coupons across 5 events. All 20 were found, carried to a DICK's Sporting Goods, and redeemed!

  • An endurance athlete hiking his way back after finding and picking up a 100 LB Coupon
    Second Skin got the attention of Endurance Athletes with a DICK's Sporting Goods coupon that challenged them to sweat for their discount.


  1. GPS coordinates posted to Instagram Stories
  2. Athletes followed the Stories to find it
  3. Athletes struggled to redeem it in-store


  1. Only $26K media spend
  2. 4.5M+ impressions
  3. 100% redemption
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