Colorblind Viewer


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Americans spend billions traveling the country to witness the changing fall foliage. And the state of Tennessee is home to some of the best fall colors.

But there are 13 million Americans who have never seen them because they are colorblind.

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What if Tennessee could be the place they saw these incredible colors for the first time? How amazing would that be?

So we created the Colorblind Viewer — the only scenic viewer that helps colorblind people see fall's true colors. The viewers were designed with special lenses that alleviate red-green color deficiency and installed at Tennessee's best lookouts. We then captured reactions as people used them and created an emotional online film.

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The story became national news with features on Associated Press, NBC Nightly News, The Today Show, ABC and others.

  • 9M+ video views
  • More than 661M earned media impressions
  • Hotel revenue increased 9.5% over previous year

Featured on the CBS television program, "Innovation Nation," which showcases present-day change makers.

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