Digital Toolbelt

Transforming how the construction industry works

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The construction industry is stuck in the analog dark ages. You can only see the equipment and crew members standing in front of you. Jobsite manager faced multiple challenges, including:

  • Tracking a fleet of equipment across multiple sites and making sure nothing is sitting idle and losing money
  • Wrangling dozens of operators to make sure the right person is certified to operate the right piece of equipment
  • Keeping hundreds of workers safe from serious injury, or worse

United Rentals, the world's largest construction equipment rental company, asked us to help make the construction industry safer and more efficient.

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We set out to transform how work was done on the jobsite and make customers’ jobs easier — with digital tools that were as intuitive as the hammer in their toolbelt.

We implemented improvements to the e-commerce experience and added equipment maintenance to both and the United Rentals app.

We also created a system of evergreen content and used a mix of performance content and robust SEO to drive traffic to the site.

On top of that, we leveraged paid media and United Rentals’ social channels to increase overall reach of the new content and to elevate United Rentals in the minds of their target audiences.

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In just 12 months, Digital Toolbelt:

  • Increased digital revenue by 66% YOY
  • Increased sleep efficiency by 30%, which grew U.S. worksite profits
  • Decreased equipment related accidents by 27% thanks to digital driver training and certification
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