Fearlessly Independent Since 1906

As one of the world’s oldest athletic brands, New Balance has been refining its products for more than 110 years. But its visual identity had some catching up to do.

  • Mid-twenties, stoic pretty Asian woman wearing a pink New Balance shirt with '1906’ typed out across her
Returning To Our Heritage

The sports industry is all about performance, celebrities and million dollar productions. For a challenger brand like New Balance, it’s hard to stand out. Even more so when the brand perception is not actually aligned with its original spirit.

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Our objective was to elevate New Balance’s identity out of the category’s sea of sameness to communicate its independence. This identity would serve as the foundation of all visuals globally —spanning every region, channel and product.

We went back to New Balance’s heritage of independence and non-conformism for inspiration to create a complete rebrand. “Fearlessly Independent Since 1906” is a clean and minimalist approach, with an editorial look and feel. We also refined the language, developed a new tone of voice and made it global across all touch points for years to come.

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  • Large outdoor store-front New Balance print ads saying ‘Follow No One’ and ‘1906’
    The New Balance rebrand celebrates its independent spirit for the modern era.
  • Outdoor ad for New Balance showing a man running across a building saying ‘Don’t Chase Run’
    When the competition goes one way, we go another.