Feast of Legends

We launched a role-playing game to fight the competition — engaging fans in a new way while spreading Wendy's brand story of never-frozen beef.


With the immense success of the brave move into online gaming with “Keeping Fortnite Fresh,” Wendy’s wanted to continue to engage fans in exciting ways while spreading its brand story of never-frozen beef to a new, younger audience in an authentic way.


We created  “Feast of Legends,” a tabletop role-playing game — think Dungeons & Dragons — that transformed the pigtailed Wendy into “Queen Wendy, first of her name, breaker of fast food chains, defender of all things fresh, never frozen.”

Those who dared, could download a 90-plus-page guide that shows players how to create their characters, buy accessories (15 weapons alone, ranging from a spoon to a “great knife”) and traverse the kingdom. Queen Wendy’s enemies included “The Creepy King with the Paper Crown” and “The Ice Jester of the United Clown Nations.” Her kingdom: Freshtovia.


“Feast of Legends” took New York Comic Con by storm and escalated the burger wars to a full-on battle between good and evil.