16 million American women struggle with infertility, but 70% of US companies choose not to cover infertility treatment through their health insurance. Given the $25,000 price tag, finding coverage through work is often the only financially viable way for these women to become mothers.

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Idea the first digital platform that reveals which US employers cover fertility treatment. Type in the name of the company, and, if the result is positive, job openings in that company are displayed.

To spread the word, On International Women's Day, we launched automated software that identified companies celebrating women on social and replied to the ones that didn't offer fertility coverage, challenging them to walk the talk. More than 300 companies deleted our replies.

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  • 50,000-plus women connected to fertility friendly companies
  • 10M impressions
  • More than 100 U.S. companies added fertility coverage since launch and thousands of others are now considering it
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