Journey to the Moon


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How do we highlight the U.S. Navy's involvement in the Apollo 11 mission during its 50th anniversary event?

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A U.S. Navy sailor named Neil Armstrong achieved the greatest accomplishment of all humankind. But how do you tell that story to a generation who wasn’t even alive when it happened?

We tossed out the history book and re-created the experience where teens are today. Using Google Assistant, we built a voice-activated game in which users played as NASA Mission Control with the goal of getting Neil and crew safely to the moon and back.

By creating an interactive experience where logic-based decisions allowed users to advance and unlock archival audio, we transformed the Apollo 11 moon landing into three action-packed missions that tied directly into Navy careers.

We launched the experience on July 20, 2019, leveraging social buzz to attract the attention of a younger audience 50 years to the day of when Apollo 11 landed on the moon.

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  • Engagement with the U.S. Navy brand skyrocketed
  • 27% of users completed the 15-minute game and clicked through to, where they spent nearly twice the amount of time as the average site visitor
  • We showed teens where a career in the U.S. Navy could take them by letting them walk in the footsteps of the sailor who went farther than anyone else
  • Earned No. 1 spot under Google Assistant “Actions of the Week"
  • Silver at New York Festivals
  • Merit at The One Show
  • Finalist at D&AD


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