Magic is pretty amazing. But it can’t transform your business like Dell Technologies can. We wanted to introduce this new powerhouse with seven technology leaders under one name, by reminding our audience that it's not the simple wave of a wand that creates magical transformation, it's people and technology working together to transform impossible, into reality. 

  • Actor Jeffrey Wright stands beside a real cow on a presentation stage, multicolored lines are projected onto the cow with an image of a farm in the background
We showed that even the most powerful magic can’t do what Dell Technologies can.

In September 2016, seven industry leading companies merged to form Dell Technologies. To launch this new company, we looked to position Dell Technologies as a leader in digital transformation.

While other brands painted a rosy picture of everything technology can enable, we wanted to acknowledge the real work it takes to make those transformations a reality.

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From there, we set out to establish Dell Technologies as a leader in making digital transformation a reality. Creatively, we wanted to show people that even the most powerful magic couldn’t do what Dell Technologies could.

We used TV to give powerful examples of how we’ve “made it real” for our customers. We paired Jeffrey Wright with a visually-stunning projection mapping technique to tell stories of how we’ve applied innovative technology to help some of our most interesting -- and surprising -- customers.

We leveraged social as a way to poke fun at the idea of magic taking on IT, featuring a series of magical creatures who didn’t quite have what it takes to make digital transformation happen.

In the span of 3 months, we had over 300 million media impressions. We also saw a 195% increase in site visits. The work was covered by by dozens of publications including AdAge, Adweek and Campaign.



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Our rallying cry for the campaign—and the platform for the brand—became Let’s Make It Real.
  • Actor Jeffrey Wright is shown facing a blurred out crowed while reaching his hand toward a screen with a projection on it
    We created powerful examples of how Dell Technologies made the impossible, reality.
  • A visualization of Dell Technologies showing teams of people on four levels of a stage, a projected image overlaid on them
    Seven industry leading companies merged to form Dell Technologies.