Turning Florida's "Don't Say Gay" law into an invitation to bring New Yorkers back home

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More than one million people left NYC during the pandemic for more space and lower taxes in states like Florida. The city needed to get them back.

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Seizing an Opportunity

We turned Florida's oppressive "Don't Say Gay" bill into an opportunity to both stand up for LGBTQI+ rights and call New Yorkers-turned-Floridians back to NYC. We put billboards up in five major Florida cities reminding Florida residents of NYC's progressive values and our love for everyone.

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"NYC Says Gay" made international headlines within hours, and even provoked a direct response from Florida's governor. It turned an oppressive law into a celebration of the open minded values that make NYC the welcoming city it is.

  • 978 million earned media impressions
  • $9 million value in earned media
  • 254% rise in positive sentiment on social for NYC


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