It’s hard enough to talk to teenagers, but getting them to think about their future? That takes next-level skill. 

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In Season 2 of Sailor VS, we once again sent Sailors into uncharted territory, challenging top YouTube Creators to tests of speed, strength, skill and smarts. In order to fill the Navy’s toughest jobs, we embedded ourselves directly into trending YouTube content in this multi-platform campaign that takes users through a series of interactive challenges related to the unexpected experiences, careers, and perspectives you can only see when you’re a Sailor. Without changing what fans loved most, Sailor VS challenged YouTube’s expert rock drummer to a “drum off” with a Navy musician. We dared their favorite chef to a cook off of chicken cacciatore, tasked an aviation engineer to deconstruct a F-18 combustion module, and challenged a master DIY-er to see who could build the best emergency shelter from a mystery box of goods. 

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By not taking over their channels, we became a part of them. By not interrupting their content, we made it better. The Navy was finally not the enemy, we were cool, getting new fans all our own. Check it out at

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