McDonald’s outnumbers Wendy’s 3-to-1 in actual restaurants. We can’t outbuild them, in reality, at least.

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Wendy’s built a restaurant somewhere the competition haven’t gone yet – the metaverse. Where for the first time ever, you could snag real food in virtual reality. 

Inside Horizon Worlds, an immersive VR platform, we built the Wendyverse. But this wasn’t just a restaurant. We bought the entire Wendy’s menu to life in wonderful… and weird…new ways. From giant dancing french fries and rides on baked potato blimps to foundation drink foundations and games of Baconator basketball. And to keep the metaverse fresh, we even hid a little something you wouldn’t want to eat in the freezer. A bag of McDonald’s.

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Wendyverse is #1 in daily active users across all of Horizon Worlds, and is the #1 most visited world in the platform. With 121,000+ minutes spent during launched weekend, 650M+ earned impressions, and an average minutes per visitor of 11.5, we put Wendy’s in every living room.

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