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    Hollard / The He11o manifesto

    Hello is a little word with big impact. It can change the world around us. On the 11th of every month, Hollard encourages you to share a simple hello with your fellow South Africans. Our better future #StartsWithHello. Watch the story behind the manifesto.
  • Hollard_flutist

    Hollard / The Flutist: a #StartsWithHello Story

    Wouter Kellerman is proof that you’re never too old to change your chosen profession. One hello inspired him to go from a hard-hatted engineer to a world-travelling musical maestro. Watch to see how far a special hello, along with a ton of persistence, took him.
  • The Crochet Hello- A #StartsWithHello Story

    Hollard / The Crochet Hello: A #StartsWithHello Story

    Meet Stitch (JahStitch Ndou), the creative crochet master who had his life transformed by a simple hello. See how one chance meeting led to him being able to create a better future for his family. Our better future #StartsWithHello
  • The Garden Hello: A #StartsWithHello Story

    Hollard / The Garden Hello: A #StartsWithHello Story

    Meet Refiloe & Sibongile! These entrepreneurial urban farmers have been nourishing their communities with their hydroponic and organic farms. Together, they’ve started spreading farming knowledge with every new hello. Our better future #StartsWithHello. Click here to watch the story behind the manifesto. Click here to watch Wouter, the award-winning professional flutist. Click here to watch Stitch, the creative crochet master share his hello with the world.
  • iPhones displaying different children's book covers

    Hollard / InstaStory Books

    Turning Instagram InstaStory into a mechanism for crowdsourcing children’s books - that would have a lasting impact on the lives of South African children.