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We're a leading full-service agency that creates work that lives in people’s lives. We harness creativity, technology, and culture to create connected brands that drive value for our clients and touch lives around the world. We use data and insights to reimagine what we thought we knew about the customer experience. We create work that brings our brands closer to consumers, consumers closer to communities, and communities closer to the wider world.

Work that lives in people's lives

Passionately inventive and relentlessly curious, we strive to uncover the connection in all we do. From finding the relevance and authenticity to a brand and its consumers to connecting to them whenever, and wherever they are.

Explore our award-winning work to see how we unite people across platforms, experiences, cultures and purpose.

  • Nando's Solidarity

    Nando's / The Solidarity Fund

    Treat someone who has done good by getting them a post-lockdown Nando's meal voucher to redeem after lockdown and Nando's will match your voucher purchase up to 10 times, which will immediately go towards helping eradicate Covid-19 through the Solidarity Fund. Letting one act of kindness help millions.
  • Momentum #Twenty20TwoPoint0

    Momentum / #Twenty20TwoPoint0

    We’ve reframed Momentum’s marketing strategy and created 2020 2.0, a movement that chooses to reframe 2020 into a success despite its challenges. This is the year that adversity saw South Africans grow stronger and more united than ever. 2020 2.0 is the rallying cry to use that strength to turn disappointment into an opportunity to redefine the future. Instead of making 2020 history, let’s make history in 2020. #Twenty20TwoPoint0
  • natural sounds wwf

    WWF / Bring Nature Inside

    Missing the great outdoors? We've helped the WWF produce 10 hours of natural soundscape that will transport you to gentler places as nature goes about her business: from land and sea, from air and orchard, from pasture and bush… nature is still out there, just waiting for you to click play.
  • Hollard - another official language

    Hollard / Another Official Language: A #StartsWithHello Story

    In this mask-wearing world, we need to find new ways to connect with each other. Start learning #AnotherOfficialLanguage from the guy who knows it best, Tsitsi Chiumya. Practice and share these simple face gestures so we can keep connecting, even from behind a mask. Because our better future #StartsWithHello.
  • Supersonic - Simple things in life animation

    Supersonic / We Love Simple

    The simple things in life make Supersonic the happiest. That’s why they make choosing a package, signing up and installation super simple. So, whilst the country was in lockdown, we wrote them a little song, bringing their philosophy to life, reminding the country about what really matters - all the fun, quirky, beautiful, simple things in life. Why don’t you sing along?
  • Amstel showreel gif

    Amstel / Friends of Amstel lockdown music mixes

    During lockdown when Amstel couldn’t advertise or sell alcohol, we needed to find a way to remain top of mind and keep consumers engaged. As the genesis that allows people to connect with one another, Amstel provided new and unique DJ mixes for people to connect with their friends in their time, wherever they were and however they wanted. A new and unique music mix from local and international Friends of Amstel was released every weekend day for 3 weeks.

These are the current highlights of our news and thought leadership activities.

  • Heart and zero neon light - pexels by Prateek Katyal

    Now more than ever brands need to be relevant

    Relevance has never been more important than it is now to this lockdown generation of conscious consumers. They trust only what you do, not what you say. Get it right and there is lots of reason for optimism. If you live your purpose and demonstrate it, you will earn their lifelong loyalty.
  • Cannes top 10

    We've placed in Cannes Top Ten most creative Agency of the Decade

    It’s only 10 years since we launched as NATIVE, a small, full-service digital marketing agency with the bold ambition to become South Africa's best, which is why we're so pleased to be placed in Cannes Top Ten most creative Agency of the Decade.
  • drawing of UX design

    What is a UX designer?

    UX Designers have a combination of many qualities and skills that enable organisations to better understand every interaction between the business, their product and its users, says our Senior UX Designer Inge Rademeyer. She talks about the skills and the significant impact UX Designers have, what kind of people they are and what distinct qualities they possess.
  • eCommerce type writer

    The new faces of ecommerce

    What do Ubuntu, gin and WhatsApp have in common? Aside from some feel-good vibes, they are also examples of eCommerce trends that will be a bigger part of our future. Jacqui Maroun, our Chief Experience Officer, has seen the future of eCommerce in South Africa and outlines the seven key trends that are becoming business norms in a world transformed by the intensified human longing for connection. This is a shift towards a more collaborative way of buying, selling and living where everyone’s needs are met in a good way.
  • May - awakening

    Awakenings: Innovation must happen now

    For all the reasons to despair right now, there is some light in the doorway, says our CEO, Jarred Cinman. There is willingness to embrace digital channels, to consider fundamental product and service innovation, and an acceptance that we will need to serve a changed consumer. It is up to all of us in the creative sector to put our thinking caps on and embrace that most tired of concepts: innovation.
  • Ryan McManus as a rabbit on e-meeting

    A day in the life of lockdown

    If you’re a painter, you wake up wanting to paint – it’s not a decision you make anew every day says our Chief Creative Officer Ryan McManus. Creativity is a human condition. I think it’s driven by the deep desire humans have to be connected. When we’re pulled apart, we immediately look for clever new ways to connect, whether that’s playing music on our balconies, having team drinks on Fridays via Zoom, or blowing our vuvuzelas every evening.
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