A day in the life of lockdown

  • Ryan McManus as a rabbit on e-meeting

Life in lockdown is anything but typical. I've gone through phases.

Phase 1 was all about organising – work, staff and home.

Phase 2 saw me plugged into my computer 24/7. Relentless calls. With quick breaks for the baby or to have a large glass of wine. I have to remind myself to get up and walk away from my computer. Thankfully I get to be in lockdown with an amazing woman/baby-entertainer/sanity provider.

I'd like to get to phase 3. I want to try and make it all about balance. Everyone who has children at home is doing this balancing act. I need to make sure I get outside, breathe fresh air, have a runaround.

Ultimately though, we’re all working for a solid purpose and the work has to get done.