Augmented Creativity

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The future of advertising has arrived: tech and human creativity together create a new benchmark in effective advertising

By Wendy Machanik, Head of Production, VMLY&R South Africa

Marketers are under more pressure than ever to justify every cent they spend and demonstrate very clearly the positive impact that spend has on their brand’s return on investment. The inability to do this is leaving teams with increased budget cuts, and hard decisions to make about advert production. As with all things these days, tech is an enabler; and the power of AI and a data-driven approach to production promises marketers the ability to create adverts that deliver value.

Not only is AI now being applied to measuring ads and campaigns, but it is also being used to show which elements of content are working and which can be changed for greater impact.

VMLY&R is partnering with Vidmob, the global leader in video analytics, to bring this technology to the SA market. Please contact us for more details.

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