Don’t Knock the Slay Queens – Join Them

Don’t Knock the Slay Queens – Join Them
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Don’t Knock the Slay Queens – Join Them
South Africa’s Slay Queens have more positive influence than they are given credit for. Read on to find out how.

South Africa’s Slay Queens have more positive influence than they are given credit for. Read on to find out how.

By Siyamthanda Yokwe

The term “Slay Queen” tends to have negative connotations. These women, who have a specific aesthetic, are often dismissed as simply wanting a luxurious lifestyle they can’t afford. But for the everyday person who enjoys the idea of a life of beauty and luxury, these women have become an influential part of their spending choices.

Slay Queen Influence On Beverage Choices

It can be said that Slay Queens play a huge role in deciding which beverages are sophisticated enough for us to be seen drinking. At first the queens were showing us that Moët was the Champagne of choice, but then they started drinking Veuve Clicquot. Now that’s become the luxury celebration drink that you mostly see on your social media feed.

Brands such as Brutal Fruit have produced successful campaigns collaborating with some of these women who embody the Champagne lifestyle in order to create that luxury association.

Slay Queen Influence On Travel And Dining Experiences

When it comes to travel and dining experiences, previously you had to do your own research in order to find the most beautiful spots to go to. But if you follow a Slay Queen, it’s like having a luxury tour guide on demand. These ladies have made it their brand that they only go to the best places and therefore have the power to help establishments get more people to come in because their posts give the place that stamp of approval that labels it a hot spot.

Slay Queen Influence On Hair And Fashion

Slay queens have the best looking wigs, nails and clothes. Those who want to emulate their style will go out of their way to shop where they shop. Online boutique stores have learnt to capitalise on this phenomenon by sending the queens samples, asking them to post about it, and then making lots of sales as a result of their reviews. It can be said that online shops do better once they are Slay Queen approved.

The influence of Slay Queens has extended to other goods, such as baby clothes, health services, groceries and more. Whether people like to admit it or not, there does seem to be a correlation between what the Slay Queens are posting about and its becoming the latest, trendiest thing to have. Therefore, it seems only fair that their existence be included as one of the most significant social factors affecting consumer behaviour in South Africa.

Siyamthanda Yokwe is a copywriter at VMLY&R South Africa.



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