Geometry’s Cape Town Team Joins VMLY&R

As of 1 August 2021 all members of Geometry’s Cape Town team have joined VMLY&R South Africa, expanding VMLY&R’s service offering and creating the means for the company to be even more channel agnostic.

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This follows on from WPP’s decision to move the Geometry business across to VMLY&R under the brand VMLY&R Commerce in most other territories at the end of last year.

Full-Service Account
Logistically, the move sees 35 team members leaving Geometry and integrating into VMLY&R officially from August.

“I speak on behalf of our entire creative studio when I say that the excitement around this integration is palpable,” says Matthew van der Walk, executive creative director at Geometry. “Our complementary skillsets now allow us to consolidate our disciplines and fully embrace the diversity and richness that sits across the teams. After some initial collaboration, it’s clear that we are all focused on delivering an exceptional creative product that answers our clients' business needs. We are eager to co-create end-to-end brand experiences that drive growth for our people, our clients, and their brands.”

Bolstering BTL Capability
The Geometry team brings a wealth of experience in dark marketing and below-the-line campaigns primarily from work on British American Tobacco, adding new depth to this part of VMLY&R’s business. Their arrival also bolsters VMLY&R’s already-strong commerce and shopper offering. The additional experience and expertise in these areas mean VMLY&R will be even better equipped to devise full-service creative and innovative solutions for our clients.

“We look forward to welcoming the talented people from Geometry into the VMLY&R world,” says VMLY&R CEO Jarred Cinman. “Their skills make them among the very few dark marketing specialists in the country. At VMLY&R, we are on a journey to being as channel agnostic as possible and their arrival will go a long way towards helping us along this path. We look forward to offering our clients a truly integrated and full-service agency experience.”

Channel Agnostic Messaging
“Our integration into VMLY&R South Africa opens fantastic opportunity for our team as well as our clients,” says Lorna Downs, client service director at Geometry. “This transition meets with our clients’ need for a simple, tightly integrated proposition from their agency partner. The culmination of our complementary skill sets, as well as the synergy of our ethos, values and positioning, will allow us to offer clients a truly channel agnostic service offering. We look forward to creating magic together.”

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