Now more than ever brands need to be relevant

  • Heart and zero neon light - pexels by Prateek Katyal

It doesn’t matter what you call the current generation of young people, whether Gen Z or the lockdown generation. What does matter is that if you call them, you’d better know who they are and you’d better be sincere about it, because the youth of today are not interested in superficiality.

The most important thing to understand about them is that if millennials were the “me” generation, Gen Z is the “you/us” generation. They are the least selfish generation we’ve ever known, and they will support brands that mirror their selflessness. Support is probably not a strong enough word – this generation is intensely loyal to brands they deem worthy.

I’m talking about the kind of loyalty we marketers have always dreamt of, the kind that brands spend millions trying to cultivate. These conscious consumers want brands that have purpose. Not only will they invest in them, they will advocate for them too, actively supporting and defending them.