Our approach to brand communication in this new reality

At VMLY&R, we are currently all working remotely from home. Despite the odds, our people are all energised, creative and as passionate as ever.

In this confusing time, we’re here to be your communication partner and do not wish to suspend, delay or cancel any work.

But we might need to adapt and tweak it.

People are consuming a lot of media at the moment and brands play an important role in people’s lives, from pure functionality like food, erm.. toilet paper, or banking, to some much-needed light entertainment to share between friends.

So, let’s not switch everything off.

But, we should look at all current campaigns to see if the messaging needs to be tweaked, adapted or re-thought, based on this temporary new reality. Perhaps a simple change to some copy can help to show how the brand is adapting and helping, considering the customer.

  • Let’s look to your brand’s core purpose and see how we can authentically service or address the new needs of your customers.
  • Let’s look at current campaigns and see how they can be adapted or repurposed to fit better if needed.
  • Let’s try to maintain the presence of your brand in people’s lives.
  • Let’s be supportive of your customers in these difficult times.
  • Let’s NOT be opportunistic – but rather true to the brand and its core beliefs and be proud to demonstrate them.

In terms of media, we should think about what people are watching, sharing and consuming. We have some great data and insight on this already, but I think it’s clear that we should try to refocus to digital, TV, radio and social, rather than OOH for instance.

On social, we want to help your brands to be present and available.

In creative, our messaging should be considered and authentic to who the brand is… and how it shows up right now.

If anyone has any strategic, creative or media questions, or is feeling paralysed with decisions, or has confused or worried staff, we are here to help in whichever way we can. 

Please reach out.

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