Unpopular Opinion: ChatGPT-4 Will Unleash Human Creativity, Not Replace It

Unpopular Opinion: ChatGPT-4 Will Unleash Human Creativity, Not Replace It
ChatGPT just got a makeover and it’s more powerful than ever. Matthew Arnold, Chief Connections Officer at VMLY&R South Africa, believes that’s a good thing for humankind.

Just a few months after OpenAI’s ChatGPT-3 AI language model started dominating the global conversation, the next iteration is here. And ChatGPT-4 is much more than a language model. Comparing this new version to its predecessor feels a bit like comparing an old-school corner-shop arcade game to the PS5. No doubt, there will be those who respond to this news with panic. I’m more optimistic. 

Creativity Unleashed

I am a firm believer that everyone has the ability to be creative, it’s an inherent human ability to problem solve, reason and develop a plan of action. It’s a key part of our success as a species. However, in the current age, expressing your creativity can be difficult – especially in a professional environment – if you don’t have certain technical skills, be they design skills with Photoshop or website coding skills with Javascript. Getting what is in your head out into the real world becomes challenging.

This has all changed overnight with the introduction of the new generation of AI tools and the rapid advances that they are making. This week OpenAI announced their new ChatGPT-4 which has a range of amazing upgrades including the ability to analyse images. Immediately since its release we have seen the tool being used in so many ways, from creating a website from a simple sketch to building a game of Pong in under 60 seconds.

Freedom of Expression

AI is removing the technical barriers to modern creativity, helping people express themselves, from creating stories to brining designs to life. Have an idea about making a Marvel-inspired pair of Air Force 1’s but don’t know how to use Photoshop? Just drop your idea into MidJourney v5.  The next wave of AI technology puts the power back in everyone’s hands to express their creativity and produce amazing things.

I would urge those – particularly in the creative industry – who feel threatened by or afraid of the tech to start playing with it and creating things that were never possible before. If anyone off the street can tap into their inner creativity and generate fantastic things using these tools, an experienced creative could do so much more. Creatives in the advertising industry have a long history of lamenting about budget constraints limiting their ability to do their best work. Now they have the means to let those ideas loose.

It's been a few days and the internet has already been flooded with creative uses of this new generation of AI tools. I can’t wait to see creativity explode in the coming years.

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