Diane Wilson

Diane’s involvement in digital marketing dates back to the inception of the local industry in the 90s. She was a co-founder of Cambrient (an early precursor to VMLY&R South Africa) where she held the dual roles of operations and finance director for 10 years. As the agency evolved into NATIVE, Diane concluded the financial and legal aspects of the deal, set up a new finance and operations department and assumed the role of chief financial officer. 

In 2016 Diane was requested by WPP - our holding company globally - to be part of the management team of Y&R (another WPP-held company) to ensure the sustainability of the business. After 18 months of business reorganisation, the Y&R business integrated into VML. The success of the merger became the test-case for the global merger of both brands into today’s VMLY&R.

Diane is responsible for overseeing both the financial and operational aspects of the agency, including organisational change management, leadership training, culture development and continuity, which she does with support from the EXCO.

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  • Diane Wilson
Joint Chief Executive Officer