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Passionately inventive and relentlessly curious we strive to uncover the connection in all we do. From finding the relevance and authenticity to a brand and its consumers, to connecting to them whenever, and wherever they are. Explore our award-winning work to see how we unite people across platforms, experiences, cultures and purpose.

Our Work Masonry
  • Edgars Beauty - I'mPerfection 1

    Edgars / I’mPerfection

    It’s your imperfections that make you perfect: your freckles, your gap, your multi-coloured eyes and your African hair. Edgars Beauty presents I’mPerfection.
  • Live real time data displaying Nando's app

    Nando's / live tactical billboard

    Real-time data takes Nando’s social commentary out of home.
  • iPhones displaying different children's book covers

    Hollard / InstaStory Books

    Turning Instagram InstaStory into a mechanism for crowdsourcing children’s books - that would have a lasting impact on the lives of South African children.
  • iphone on a black background with nando's branding

    Nando's / Loadshedding

    The Nando’s ad that turned on, when the lights went out!
  • White hand holding ipad displaying Old Mutual dashboard

    Old Mutual / Advisor Dashboard

    Innovative service design to improve speed, efficiency and satisfaction for brokers at South Africa’s oldest insurance company.
  • American Swiss - Don't the hint campaign

    American Swiss / Drop The Hint

    Selling more engagement rings by helping guys pick up the pretty obvious engagement-ready signals their women send them.
  • Yellow background with text and an iPhone displaying results on how the campaign did

    BOS / #ScreenFreeSaturday

    How a network of global influencers, challenged people around the world to ditch social media for just one day a week and GO FOR FUN in the real world.
  • Different African styled designs in a grid format

    Edgars / Don't tell me what to do

    A 90-year old department store brand struggling for relevance is transformed into a cultural catalyst for self-expression.
  • Nando's branded visuals of the result of campaign

    Nando's / Better Half (Tinder)

    Using Tinder to help South Africans find their ‘Better Half’.
  • Makro branded with visuals on an iMac, iPhone and iPad

    Makro / Makro Online - a B2B eCommerce story

    How we enhanced the user experience of Marko's online shopping - allowing B2B customers to spend less time on site, transact faster and spend more money.
  • Supersonic board

    Supersonic Fibre / Fibre Is Simple

    Fibre might be simple but what it brings, might not be. Supersonic fibre makes everything a little simpler.
  • Abstract pattern

    Cancer Dojo / Cancer Mandala

    Merging the ancient Buddhist practice of sand mandalas and the science of Psychoneuroimmunology Cancer Dojo’s cancer mandalas’ intricate designs allow patients to fully immerse their minds and bodies into their own healing.
  • Edgars Winter Film Board

    Edgars / Break Out

    With winter being the time when most people generally cocoon and shy away from bold expressions and resort to dull, expected colours and boring staples. We created “BREAK OUT FASHION”.
  • Edgars Women's Day advertising board

    Edgars / Did you mean: Women?

    During South African Women’s Month, Edgars, challenged and confronted the derogative language around women, to steer the narrative to become more inclusive, empowering and diverse. They asked one question; Did You Mean, Woman?
  • Lucky Star Campaign Board

    Lucky Star / Lucky Star

    Bringing to life the fun, friendly and proudly South African canned fish brand.
  • Nando's branded mockup of mobile application

    Nando's / Food order App

    Nando’s takes dining to digital. People love Nando’s; not just because of the PERi-PERi chicken, but also because of who the brand is and how it speaks. So we developed a food ordering app that feels just like a Nando’s store.
  • African man holding a stick on fire

    Absolut / Africa on fire

    Absolut Vodka ignites Africa’s creative revolution by turning the continent’s hottest artists into heroic revolutionaries with an event that became ground zero for the revolution.
  • Cartoon characters, one with fire powers and the other with air powers

    Cipla / Bronki Boosters

    Teaching kids to use their asthma inhalers by making asthma education fun & turning kids with asthma into superheroes.
  • Colourful African patterns with African woman in the middle

    Standard Bank / Love Letters To Africa

    Uniting 53 countries across Africa, with one poem for Africa Month.