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Passionately inventive and relentlessly curious we strive to uncover the connection in all we do. From finding the relevance and authenticity to a brand and its consumers, to connecting to them whenever, and wherever they are. Explore our award-winning work to see how we unite people across platforms, experiences, cultures and purpose.

Our Work Masonry
  • Nando's Solidarity

    Nando's / The Solidarity Fund

    Treat someone who has done good by getting them a post-lockdown Nando's meal voucher to redeem after lockdown and Nando's will match your voucher purchase up to 10 times, which will immediately go towards helping eradicate Covid-19 through the Solidarity Fund. Letting one act of kindness help millions.
  • Momentum #Twenty20TwoPoint0

    Momentum / #Twenty20TwoPoint0

    We’ve reframed Momentum’s marketing strategy and created 2020 2.0, a movement that chooses to reframe 2020 into a success despite its challenges. This is the year that adversity saw South Africans grow stronger and more united than ever. 2020 2.0 is the rallying cry to use that strength to turn disappointment into an opportunity to redefine the future. Instead of making 2020 history, let’s make history in 2020. #Twenty20TwoPoint0
  • natural sounds wwf

    WWF / Bring Nature Inside

    Missing the great outdoors? We've helped the WWF produce 10 hours of natural soundscape that will transport you to gentler places as nature goes about her business: from land and sea, from air and orchard, from pasture and bush… nature is still out there, just waiting for you to click play.
  • Hollard - another official language

    Hollard / Another Official Language: A #StartsWithHello Story

    In this mask-wearing world, we need to find new ways to connect with each other. Start learning #AnotherOfficialLanguage from the guy who knows it best, Tsitsi Chiumya. Practice and share these simple face gestures so we can keep connecting, even from behind a mask. Because our better future #StartsWithHello.
  • Supersonic - Simple things in life animation

    Supersonic / We Love Simple

    The simple things in life make Supersonic the happiest. That’s why they make choosing a package, signing up and installation super simple. So, whilst the country was in lockdown, we wrote them a little song, bringing their philosophy to life, reminding the country about what really matters - all the fun, quirky, beautiful, simple things in life. Why don’t you sing along?
  • Amstel showreel gif

    Amstel / Friends of Amstel lockdown music mixes

    During lockdown when Amstel couldn’t advertise or sell alcohol, we needed to find a way to remain top of mind and keep consumers engaged. As the genesis that allows people to connect with one another, Amstel provided new and unique DJ mixes for people to connect with their friends in their time, wherever they were and however they wanted. A new and unique music mix from local and international Friends of Amstel was released every weekend day for 3 weeks.
  • Metropolitan - LoveMatters

    Metropolitan / #LoveMatters

    Unseen, it moves, like the wind through our streets. Now, more than ever, we need to speak about the one thing that matters most and brings us together. Love. Love in all its forms is what brings people together.
  • Liberty - drive hope

    Liberty / Drive Hope

    Sometimes a building can become a beacon of inspiration, commitment and hope. We helped Liberty light the flame that reaffirms their commitment to the communities they serve and remind South Africans to live with hope.
  • Hollard lockdown

    Hollard / The lockdown hello: A #StartsWithHello story

    We can keep our distance while still reaching out with a hello, however and whenever we can. Say hello to your parents, your high school buds or your siblings. By standing together even though we’re apart, we create a better future. Our better future #StartsWithHello.
  • Nando's social media ad

    Nando’s / The Voice of the People

    Social Media is at our core… But we don’t use it to just sell chicken. We use it to speak up when the nation does. To comment when there’s a point of order. To defuse tension and provoke pride. We know what South Africa wants to hear… Because they ask us for it.
  • #StartsWithHello banner

    Hollard / The He11o manifesto

    Hello is a little word with big impact. It can change the world around us. On the 11th of every month, Hollard encourages you to share a simple hello with your fellow South Africans. Our better future #StartsWithHello. Watch the story behind the manifesto.
  • The Crochet Hello- A #StartsWithHello Story

    Hollard / The Crochet Hello: A #StartsWithHello Story

    Meet Stitch (JahStitch Ndou), the creative crochet master who had his life transformed by a simple hello. See how one chance meeting led to him being able to create a better future for his family. Our better future #StartsWithHello
  • The Garden Hello: A #StartsWithHello Story

    Hollard / The Garden Hello: A #StartsWithHello Story

    Meet Refiloe & Sibongile! These entrepreneurial urban farmers have been nourishing their communities with their hydroponic and organic farms. Together, they’ve started spreading farming knowledge with every new hello. Our better future #StartsWithHello.

    Click here to watch the story behind the manifesto.

  • STD Bank - HeForShe

    Standard Bank / #HeForShe

    Standard Bank is an advocate for gender equity in the workplace, and a champion for the UN’s HeForShe initiative. With our latest campaign, #RewriteTheRules, we posed the question, “Do the rules on how we treat each other feel wrong?” and encouraged everyone to question, understand, and debate our social norms.
  • Edgars Beauty - I'mPerfection 1

    Edgars / I’mPerfection

    It’s your imperfections that make you perfect: your freckles, your gap, your multi-coloured eyes and your African hair. Edgars Beauty presents I’mPerfection.
  • iPhones displaying different children's book covers

    Hollard / InstaStory Books

    Turning Instagram InstaStory into a mechanism for crowdsourcing children’s books - that would have a lasting impact on the lives of South African children.
  • Yellow background with text and an iPhone displaying results on how the campaign did

    BOS / #ScreenFreeSaturday

    How a network of global influencers, challenged people around the world to ditch social media for just one day a week and GO FOR FUN in the real world.
  • Abstract pattern

    Cancer Dojo / Cancer Mandala

    Merging the ancient Buddhist practice of sand mandalas and the science of Psychoneuroimmunology Cancer Dojo’s cancer mandalas’ intricate designs allow patients to fully immerse their minds and bodies into their own healing.
  • Edgars Winter Film Board

    Edgars / Break Out

    With winter being the time when most people generally cocoon and shy away from bold expressions and resort to dull, expected colours and boring staples. We created “BREAK OUT FASHION”.
  • Edgars Women's Day advertising board

    Edgars / Did you mean: Women?

    During South African Women’s Month, Edgars, challenged and confronted the derogative language around women, to steer the narrative to become more inclusive, empowering and diverse. They asked one question; Did You Mean, Woman?
  • Nando's branded mockup of mobile application

    Nando's / Food order App

    Nando’s takes dining to digital. People love Nando’s; not just because of the PERi-PERi chicken, but also because of who the brand is and how it speaks. So we developed a food ordering app that feels just like a Nando’s store.
  • Absolut Campaign Board

    Absolut / One Source

    Absolut Vodka ignites Africa’s creative revolution by turning the continent’s hottest artists into heroic revolutionaries with an event that became ground zero for the revolution.
  • Huffington Post - Stop the cycle work board

    Huffington Post / Stop The Cycle

    We created a 360° journey of consumerism on Facebook for Huffington Post, designed to help consumers make a 360° change in their thinking. Because every single purchase we make is a vote for the kind of world we want to live in.
  • PASSOP - I am Muslim 5

    PASSOP / #IAmMuslim

    With terror attacks driving the wedge between Muslims and their fellow citizens that fueled hatred and distrust, PASSOP reminded the world that being Muslim does not make someone a terrorist.
  • PASSOP - Twitter Refugees

    PASSOP / Twitter Refugees

    PASSOP wanted to make people think about and understand the implications of their words and consider their role in this global humanitarian crisis. We built an automated engine to hijack the global conversation by finding comments on Twitter containing the word, “refugee” and automatically replaced that word with the phrase, “human being”