BOS / #ScreenFreeSaturday

BOS, a bold ice tea brand born in South Africa took the brave step to launch in California, France and the Netherlands. To be noticed amongst some of its giant global competitors (with giant budgets), BOS needed to establish itself as a culturally relevant brand that the consumers wanted to connect with.

BOS believed that being healthy shouldn’t compromise on having fun. Because so many millennials spend half of their waking hours staring at screens, with immense pressure to capture their #bestlife, they actually do miss out on the real, unedited, moments in life.

So we launched a campaign to ask people to disconnect and GO FOR FUN instead. Inspiring people to reconnect to real, healthy fun. Because real fun happens in real life. Not on a screen. To prove that we are committed to real fun, BOS launched #ScreenFreeStaurday with a network of global influencers, challenging people to ditch social media for just one day per week and GO FOR FUN in the real world.

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