Edgars / Break Out

With the Winter season as the next chapter in the fashion calendar, we needed to further connect the brand to culture – and cement the new brand purpose; to inspire self-expression in all South African, for all occasions. But how do you encourage people to express themselves fully through fashion, when winter is the time when most people generally cocoon and shy away from bold expressions? A time when people resort to dull, expected colours and boring staples. We created “BREAK OUT FASHION” - 3 original fashion films, made for a fashion audience, that premiered at a LIVE broadcast fashion show. Each film told a story of a South African winter, and all of them with the Edgars Winter merchandise at their core to connect the brand to culture and to own the Winter season. The campaign consisted of 3 Original Fashion Films.

We partnered with a team of all-female directors who each shot their own fashion film that delved deeper into culture and celebrated the bold expressions of Edgars Winter couture through stories set in a South African Winter. A Live Broadcast Fashion Show. Hosted at the flagship Edgars store in Johannesburg, the live broadcast fashion show premiered the original films, with the catwalk, models, and surroundings changing to the theme of each film. Each set of merchandise was opened with a live performance, taken and inspired by the actual films. Sho Madjozi, South Africa’s fastest rising star, accompanied by the youngest DJ in the world, DJ Arch Jnr, made their performances at the show, live from the catwalk.

Digital channels spread the content designed for social and aimed at a fashion audience. The content included interviews with the directors, the actors and models and behind-the-scenes – all of them with Edgars merchandise at the core. The South African trendsetters who attended the event also shared their experiences online. Visual Merchandise. Taking on a holistic approach to the campaign, the Edgars winter collateral was captured while shooting the 3 original films – including in-store signage, ATL, OOH, and Window display artwork.