Hollard / InstaStory Books

Hollard, an established South African Insurance provider is committed to enabling better futures for all South Africans. This is why they support multiple Corporate Social Initiatives that bring real positive systemic change to the lives of every day South Africans. One of these initiatives is Kago Ya Bana, an Early Childhood Development Programme prioritising and supporting children’s education.

South Africa is facing a critical literacy crisis, especially in the foundation phases of early childhood reading and writing. With international literacy results showing that South African children scored last out of the 50 countries tested and that 78% of grade 4 children are unable to read in any language.

So, we helped Hollard to use social media for social good by turning the popular Instagram InstaStory feature that only lasts 24hrs, into a mechanism for crowdsourcing children’s books - that would have a lasting impact in the lives of South African children.

To launch this ongoing initiative, we asked a few key influencers to create their own InstaStory books and use their Instagram stories to help us spread the word. We then opened it up to the public with a social media campaign to drive people to our InstaStory books campaign webpage. Here people could learn how to create their own books just by using the functionality, emojis and stickers of an InstaStory, and then submit them to our ever-growing InstaStory library. Or they could simply download easily printable PDFs of the digital library of stories from anywhere in the country.