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Every day we’re bombarded with ads telling us to buy things that we don’t need. And we choose to turn a blind eye to the full picture behind consumerism. The truth is that while manufacturing costs are dropping; the human and environmental impact has increased considerably.

Each 360° execution used over 50 stock library images in order to create a composite image of the 360° journey. The storyline of the 360° visual needed to work regardless of whether the user scrolled right or left. If the user scrolled left, they would view the manufacturing process in reverse – starting from the high-end store and ending on the first step in the process – the part where the most human rights violations take place. Scroll right and the user viewed the beginning of the manufacturing process in stark contrast to the glossy ad they had just seen.

Facebook has become the preferred news source to South Africans. But in order to stand out in this cluttered environment, a hard-hitting headline isn’t enough. The South African edition of The Huffington Post needed an engaging way to unpack a hard-hitting news story with a lot of meat to its bones. In order to achieve this, we took a simple approach. We tapped into what we know consumers do respond to on Facebook – pretty, glossy ads – and led them through the 360° journey of consumerism.

Using Facebook’s 360° technology, we showed the manufacturing cycle of a single consumer item. At first glance, the post appeared to be a glossy ad. Once users interacted with the 360° ad, it revealed the impact the industry has on human and environmental rights.

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